Self Collection/Sperm Banking 
(Males at or after puberty)

  • Sperm cells are collected, analyzed, frozen and stored. Sperm can be stored indefinitely.
  • If sperm is unable to be collected through masturbation or intercourse using a special condom, sperm cells can be obtained through
  • minor outpatient surgery.
  • Success rates are dependent on post-thaw sperm quality; several donations are recommended.

Testicular Sperm Extraction/Sperm Banking
(Males before or after puberty)

  • Testicular sperm extraction is possible for males who do not have mature sperm present in their semen. Testicular tissue is obtained, fragmented and then examined. If sperm cells are found, they are removed and frozen.
  • Outpatient surgical procedure.
  • Success rates range from 30-95%.
  • Sperm can be stored indefinitely.

Testicular Tissue Freezing
(Males before or after puberty)

  • Testicular tissue, including the cells that produce sperm, is removed in an outpatient surgical procedure, frozen and stored.
  • Experimental: no live births to date; promising preclinical and animal data. 

Financial Assistance

The Florida Institute for Reproductive Medicine offers discounted cost of services for oncology patients. Our financial staff can discuss your best options for trying to get insurance coverage or any available assistance.

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