Florida Institute for Reproductive Medicine In Vitro Fertilization Program – 176 Consecutive Patient Reviews — Kevin L. Winslow, M.D.

In an effort to continually improve our IVF program, patients going through IVF were asked following their embryo transfer (prior to their pregnancy test) to grade on a scale of 1-4 (1 strongly disagree, 2 disagree, 3 agree and 4 strongly agree) ten different aspects of their IVF experience.  In addition patients were encouraged to make recommendations to improve the program as well as any other comments they wished.  Patients were given the choice to participate or not, to sign their name or not and to post their survey on the internet.  Patients were left alone in the transfer room to either fill out their survey or to leave.  No patient declined to fill out their survey.  Nine patients chose not to sign their surveys.  One hundred and eleven (63%) patients agreed to post their survey on the internet.  Forty-seven (27%) patients did not indicate a preference to post and were not uploaded.  Eighteen (10%) patients indicated they preferred their reviews not to be posted.  Of the 111 patients who agreed to post their surveys, the average score was 3.9.  Of the 47 patients who did not indicate a preference to post, the average score was 3.9.  Of the 18 patients who indicated they did not want their survey posted, the average score was 3.8.  Actual copies of the surveys are included so that you may review the actual questions as well as all recommendations and comments.

We thank all of our patients for participating in this survey we will continue to make every effort to improve our IVF experience.

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