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Maybe the Best IVF Value in the Country

Have you thought about in vitro fertilization but are concerned about the investment? The Florida Institute for Reproductive Medicine offers a package of three fresh IVF cycles as well as the transfer of all cryopreserved embryos.  This package includes intracytoplasmic sperm injection as well as assisted hatching if indicated, and it includes cryopreservation of embryos if available.  Completion of all fresh and cryo IVF cycles must occur within a sixteen month period.  Transfer of all cryopreserved embryos must occur before another fresh IVF cycle is begun.  Cost for this package is $14,500, not including the cost of fertility medications.  Medication costs range from $2,600 to $4,000 depending on patient’s age, weight and ovulatory status.  There are no refunds whether pregnancy occurs before three completed fresh cycles or before completion of all cryopreserved embryos.

Although this program is available to anyone, this program is ideal for patients with a lower than optimal probability of success. When one considers the high pregnancy rates at the Florida Institute for Reproductive Medicine for both fresh and frozen embryos ( we believe this package may represent the best IVF values in the country.

Paying For Infertility Care

Diagnosis and treatment of infertility is expensive.  Unfortunately most insurance companies continue to look at infertility as an elective part of health care – frequently not covering diagnostic testing or treatment.  Infertility costs for the most common treatment (i.e. ovulation induction with washed intrauterine insemination) ranges between $500 – $600 at the Florida Institute for Reproductive Medicine.  Costs for in vitro fertilization, range between $10,000 – $11,000.  In general, we want to try the simplest therapy that has a good chance of working, give it a good try; and if it is not successful, move on to more aggressive options.

The Florida Institute for Reproductive Medicine has partnered with a finance company to provide financing of infertility care.  Rates as low as 3.99% are available for individuals with good credit.  Loans from $2,000-$40,000 are available with payments ranging from 24-84 months.  No up-front payments are needed.  There are no pre-payment penalties.  The Florida Institute for Reproductive Medicine has an assistance program for our IVF patients who have no insurance coverage and who qualify based on income, whereby up to $2,000 worth of medications will be provided.  We have a 10% discount for all active military patients.

Some more creative options couples may consider include:

  • Joining a drug study:  At times, we at the Florida Institute for Reproductive Medicine have been asked to participate in drug studies.  As part of the compensation for participation, patients may receive anything from free medications to an entire IVF cycle.  Many of these studies have specific requirements for participation.  Check with us to see if there are available studies and if you may qualify for them.
  • Donating eggs:  At the Florida Institute for Reproductive Medicine we have an active donor egg IVF program.  Donors are compensated $3,000 for participating in an egg donation cycle.  Donors are allowed to donate up to four times, potentially earning $12,000 – enough for their own IVF cycle.  Check with our donor egg coordinator to see if you meet donor requirements.
  • Shop for money back guarantees:  Some programs will offer a money back guarantee for IVF cycles if they are not successful.  Typically centers charge a premium for the IVF cycle in return for the guarantee.  Generally these programs have specific requirements for participation.  For couples who would be out of options if their IVF cycle did not work, this allows them to potentially participate in other treatment options like donor egg IVF or adoption.

Above all, do your homework.  At the Florida Institute for Reproductive Medicine we have always strived to offer the best treatment value for all our services.  Our pregnancy rates have been consistently amongst the highest in the country.  Costs for all our services at the Florida Institute for Reproductive Medicine typically range 25-30% less than national averages.

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