30th Anniversary of the Florida Institute for Reproductive Medicine (FIRM)

This June marks the 30th anniversary of the Florida Institute for Reproductive Medicine (FIRM). This time period has been very exciting with some monumental advancements in reproductive medicine technologies. Intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI), whereby a single sperm can be injected into an egg producing a healthy ongoing pregnancy – has largely eliminated male factor infertility. Egg cryopreservation, whereby women faced with potential sterilizing therapies or delayed child bearing can freeze their eggs and have a family at the time of their choosing. Pre-embryo genetic testing, whereby embryos created in the lab can be checked for potentially life-threatening genetic diseases has been a major advance in  preventing birth defects and recurrent pregnancy loss. Over the last 30 years the Florida Institute for Reproductive Medicine has been on the forefront of all these technologies. We have grown from a practice of one to a practice of six board certified physicians providing the most comprehensive reproductive medicine to North Florida/South Georgia.

FIRM comprehensive care includes:

  • In-house surgical sperm extraction – a huge advantage in terms of using non-frozen sperm to fertilize eggs.
  • Performing in-house pre-embryo genetic testing.
  • A staff of three PhD embryologists and one masters level embryologist allow us to perform IVF year round, i.e., on the patient’s schedule.
  • In-house egg, embryo, sperm storage eliminating the need to constantly mail eggs, sperm, embryos to and from a storage facility – expensive and potentially dangerous.
  • An egg bank as well as embryo bank.
  • Gestational surrogate IVF.
  • Physician highly experienced in robotic surgery.

Apart from our technologic expertise what I believe most distinguishes FIRM is our personalized care. When you come to the Florida Institute for Reproductive Medicine you will see a board certified reproductive medicine specialist who will provide essentially all your care. We have a team of 12 RNs averaging over 6 years of experience in reproductive medicine.

This high tech, high touch philosophy of care combined with some of the most competitive pricing in the Southeast has made the Florida Institute for Reproductive Medicine the largest program in North Florida/South Georgia. We continue to strive to stay on the forefront of new reproductive technology advances and to provide the most personal care possible.

friends of F.I.R.M.

As a little girl, I had always dreamt of being a mother.  My husband and I tried to conceive for months and with no success we decided to seek help at The Florida Institute for Reproductive Medicine.  We met with Dr. Winslow and, at our first visit, he diagnosed me with polycystic ovarian syndrome.  He […]

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