Why was I placed on birth control for cyst?

I had a large cyst on my ovary, and was placed on a birth control pill to make it go away.  Another doctor told me that the pill doesn’t make them go away any faster.

The doctor is correct, that cysts don’t go away any faster while on birth control pills than if not on them at all.  However, many physicians use them when a cyst is found.  The reasoning for this is that while on the pill, the brain’s normal hormone production that stimulates the ovary gets placed on hold.   This prevents the brain from trying to start an ovulation on top of the already present cysts.  If this occurred, the new follicles could then be later confused with the previous cysts on ultrasound, thus complicating the picture.   Also, when on a birth control pill, once that the cyst has resolved, the physician can then just stop the pill at that point and immediately start ovulation medication if needed.   If the patient is not on a pill, then they may have to wait a few extra weeks until their normal menstrual cycle begins in order to start ovulation treatment.   So ultimately, in patients trying to conceive, the use of a birth control pill in this setting will always make the overall process shorter.

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