Megan Testimonial

I am so grateful to the staff at the FIRM. Dr. Winslow and his team are the best! He tailors treatment to each patient and adjusts based on what is and isn’t working. I was amazed at how quickly our treatment worked. He made an effort to know me and my husband and I always felt like he knew me and my case without rushing patient to patient. We mostly went to baptist south, and Erica and Patty are awesome too! Since it’s a small location and staff, they get to know you and are so friendly. Though it was for good reason, I was sad to leave their care, as I felt so well taken care of! This group is the best and if needed for the next child, we will definitely be back!

friends of F.I.R.M.

From the age of 15, when I started my period, I always had difficult menstruation. I remember I had to miss school at that time of the month, but I always thought it was a common problem and nothing I could do anything about. After I got married (right from the beginning) my husband and […]

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