The Florida Institute for Reproductive Medicine is one of the few reproductive medicine programs in the Southeast with in-house genetic testing. Testing is limited to aneuploid screening, meaning we are ruling out problems with chromosome number and gross structure. Aneuploid abnormalities come about from errors in cell division and are more common as women age. Aneuploids are the most common genetic abnormalities affecting the health of a pregnancy.  Down Syndrome is an example of an aneuploid from an additional 21 chromosome. IVF with aneuploid screening increases pregnancy rates, decreases miscarriage rates, eliminates the cost of storing and returning for IVF transfers of abnormal embryos. Transferring a single chromosomally normal embryo has largely eliminated multiple births associated with IVF. A blast embryo can still divide resulting in identical twins these occur in approximately 2% of blast transfers.

Performing pre-embryo genetic testing in-house allows us to spend more time on our patient’s embryos. It eliminates costs and potential concerns over shipping biologic materials to outside labs. If mongentic aneuploid testing is indicated (looking for specific genetic disorder, ex. cystic fibrosis or Tay Sachs disease) We will ship biopsied cells to one of the few regional labs capable of doing mongentic aneuploid screening, most often both are performed. 

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Just put my twin baby girls to bed and finished saying our nightly thank you prayers!  My Mom always taught me as a little girl that’ “God makes people who can help you” and that “whatever you truly believe with all of you heart you shall receive” (Mark 11:24). The FIRM is such a testimony […]

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