Cheerleader of da Vinci Robotic Surgery

From the age of 15, when I started my period, I always had difficult menstruation. I remember I had to miss school at that time of the month, but I always thought it was a common problem and nothing I could do anything about. After I got married (right from the beginning) my husband and I wanted to have a kid. We tried for a couple of years, and after five years we finally went to a doctor to check us. We saw Dr. Kevin Winslow from Florida Institute for Reproductive Medicine, and during my ultrasound he saw a huge fibroid and immediately recommended I get rid of them because of the potential risks associated with getting pregnant with such a huge mass in my uterus.

He told me that he specialized in da Vinci robotic surgery. This is the first time I learned about this type of surgery, and I did extensive research online and came to know all about this surgery. I was absolutely certain that this was the end of my difficult journey of womanhood and I would be reborn with a pain-free and time to experience motherhood.

Dr. Duffy consulted with me about 2 hours and explained my condition with lots of empathy and care; he suggested the best and most recent cutting edge medical procedures: da Vinci robot-assisted myomectomy to get rid of my fibroid and endoscopy to look inside my uterus to see whether everything is working right or not. As a nursing student myself, I was delighted to find such a wonderful and knowledgeable doctor who is every patient’s dream come true.

I had my surgery on Friday around noon and went home about 10 o’clock the same night. To my disbelief, I never even felt any major pain, nausea or even any minor aches or headache. I had my prescription of pain medication but only took it the next three days to get rid of some minor cramps and limitation of movement and overall to sleep quietly. From day 4, I walked normally and started driving on day 5, went back to school on day 10 of my post-operative period.

I literally had more difficulties during my menstruation cycle than during and after my surgery. Today I am at 2 weeks post-operative period, and I have regained my full strength and am looking forward to getting pregnant soon.

I am recommending all the women of Jacksonville, Florida and the entire country who are suffering from the similar conditions and need surgical interventions to please consider and research da Vinci robotic-assisted surgery and visit the Florida Institute for Reproductive Medicine to see the most amazing, caring and wonderful Dr. Daniel Duffy. He will change your entire idea and concept about having surgery and walking away with a pain-free, less invasive and fastest recovery surgical experience like mine. I am now the biggest and happiest cheerleader of da Vinci robotic surgery and Dr. Daniel Duffy and his firm. Thank you Dr. Duffy, and I wish you all the best!!!

AC, St. Augustine, FL

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