Linda Fricke, APRN or Advanced Practice Registered Nurse, is certified in Women’s Health and based in Jacksonville, FL

Linda Fricke, APRN, is certified in Women’s Health and has worked in Obstetrics for over 30 years. She obtained her nursing degree at Florida State University and began working in Labor & Delivery immediately. Her keen interest in human reproduction focused her professional energy on Reproductive Endocrinology & Infertility. She obtained a Master’s degree in Nursing at the University of Alabama (Birmingham),  followed by certification as a Nurse Practitioner. 

For more than a dozen years, she continues to work with infertile patients. Linda has a special interest in learning about her patients and helping them navigate preconception health. She works with patients to a laser focus on lifestyle issues to help maximize chances for conception followed by a healthy pregnancy, especially during ovulation, induction, IVF, and genetic testing while sharing options for family building.

Her professional experience gives her the ability to support patients undergoing fertility treatments and listen as they begin to share the concerns, fears, and dreams with her during their personal journey. Fertility treatments can seem to be overwhelming and very complicated. She advocates and offers caring, compassionate support during this time.

When not working tirelessly, you may find her hiking on Tallahassee trails or sitting quietly on her back porch reading a book.

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