Dr. Goeben Testimonial by K.S.

We came to Dr. Sproul von Goeben after suffering a miscarriage and not being able to conceive a second child on our own. From the minute we met her, she was warm, nurturing, passionate and so knowledgeable. We knew immediately we were in great hands. She and her amazing nurse, Patty, were with us every step of our journey. What I loved the most, is that Dr. Sproul von Goeben had undergone IVF herself, and she could explain and really relate to what we were going through. She gave us her expert opinion on things, but stressed the decision was always ours. After two failed attempts, she recommended changing the protocol and that was so scary knowing it was our last chance – we had one embryo left to transfer. We trusted her with our future and did exactly what she recommended, and 9 months later we welcome a healthy baby boy. When it was time to “graduate” from FIRM to our OB/GYN, I felt like I was losing a good friend. Fast forward to the delivery of our son, we received a call from Dr. Sproul Von Goeben before we had even left the hospital. When I saw the number pop up, I cried tears of joy. Without her and the amazing doctors and nurses at FIRM, we wouldn’t be a family of four today. We took our new son to meet the woman responsible for his existence and we will cherish that moment forever. Thank you for being a literal miracle worker.

friends of F.I.R.M.

The Florida Institute for Reproductive Medicine has infertility specialists in Florida and Georgia who have treated infertility patients like Cassie. At the FIRM, we help ensure the patients who elect surrogacy as their treatment have a wonderful pregnancy journey. To schedule an appointment, call 800-556-5620 or visit www.fertilityjacksonville.com.

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