All eggs, sperm, and pre-embryos are stored in liquid nitrogen tanks in a secured, on-campus location in Downtown Jacksonville, FL

At the Florida Institute for Reproductive Medicine all of our eggs, sperm, (pre)embryos are stored in a secured on campus location at our downtown center. Our on campus storage eliminates the potential for loss or damage associated with shipping to these materials as well as he considerable costs of shipping. Eggs, sperm and (pre)embryos are stored in liquid nitrogen tanks made by Taylor-Wharton, one of the premiere liquid nitrogen storage tank manufacturers in the world. We replace our tanks after ten years to minimize the risk of metal fatigue. All of our tanks are checked daily by our embryology staff. We have our own liquid nitrogen tanks to top off containers – our tanks are all monitored by a security system so that if liquid nitrogen levels become low we are notified immediately. Storage tanks are stored in an area that are removed from all personnel other than our embryology staff. In general we strongly discourage patients from shipping their  eggs, sperm or (pre)embryos to other programs because of the potential for damage or loss. If transporting is necessary we encourage patients to take personal charge of an appropriately prepared storage tank and deliver materials directly to the recipient embryology lab. Consent forms are required to be signed by the transporting couple as well as     the recipient lab. There is a cost for preparation of the transfer tank.

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We just had our last appointment with Dr. Winslow and I cried like a baby! We can’t say enough great things about Dr. Winslow and the entire staff at FIRM! From day 1 we felt more than just patients; we felt like part of a family. Dr. Winslow takes the time to answer any random […]

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