Our Egg Bank, the first and one of the largest in the U.S., offers an Egg & Embryo Bank, Egg Donor Bank, Donor Egg IVF Options, Donor Embryo Bank, Egg Freezing, and Egg & Pre-embryo Cryopreservation Storage in Jacksonville, FL 

The Florida Institute for Reproductive Medicine (FIRM) established the first egg bank in the United States in 1998.  We established the bank primarily for couples going through infertility therapy who were morally, ethically oppose to freezing (pre)embryos as well as for individuals facing potentially sterilizing therapies. To date we have had over 100 babies born from frozen eggs. Over the last year, we have switched from a slow freeze technique to a vitrification technique – of the first 20 patients treated, 16 were pregnant.

Our program has been featured on most of the national news networks including ABC, CBS and BBC as well as the popular magazines:  People, Self, Conceive and Child Magazine.  Last year the American Society of Reproductive Medicine lifted the designation of experimental as it applies to egg freezing, due to the large number of babies born (over 8,000) and reassuring health data. Couples who need donor eggs have the additional options of doing a traditional fresh donor egg IVF cycle or using donor embryos these therapies have been available for over 25 years.

There have been many thousands of babies born from both technologies with very reassuring health data. Pregnancy rates associated with the use of any donor egg source is largely a function of the age of the female donor. At the Florida Institute for Reproductive Medicine all of our donors, whether they participate in the traditional donor egg IVF program or those with eggs in the egg bank, are 30 years or less. The egg bank offers some real advantages over the traditional donor egg IVF cycle.

Cycles can be scheduled on your terms, i.e., you are not waiting for a donor to cycle. Costs can be significantly less with eggs from the egg bank as you are purchasing only those eggs that you are likely to use – this also minimizes the chances of having additional unwanted cryopreserved embryos.

In the news

The Florida Institute for Reproductive Medicine has been featured on NBC Today Show, CBS News, and the BBC, as well as in People, Self, Pink, Child and Conceive magazines.  We were named one of the top 10 infertility programs in the United States by Child Magazine in 2005.

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