Our Donor Embryo Program, one of the largest in the U.S., offers a Donor Egg IVF Program, Donor Egg IVF Options, Embryo Adoption, a Flexible IVF Program, and IVF Program Options in Jacksonville, FL

Following an in vitro fertilization transfer there are frequently additional embryos that are cryopreserved. The majority of couples use up all their cryopreserved embryos, but some will not and agree to donate them. At the Florida Institute for Reproductive Medicine we strongly encourage couples to consider donating embryos they are sure they won’t use.

We have a very active donor embryo program with an average of at least 50 donor couples. The program is anonymous in that the donating and recipient couples are not identified. Recipient couples are given information regarding the health and physical traits of the donating couple. Couples that may be interested in embryo donation often have both a severe male and female problem.

Some couples express altruistic motives regarding wanting to use embryos that otherwise would be discarded. To initiate a donor embryo cycle, it is necessary to make an initial consultation with one of our physicians, as well as our donor embryo IVF coordinator.

Patients must be in good health to carry a pregnancy. Prior to embryo transfer, the uterus will be checked for any significant pathology. The female recipient will be required to have a psychological consultation. The recipient  must be able to take hormones to prepare and maintain the uterine lining through eleven weeks. Cost pricing information.

You must be an established patient of the Florida Institute for Reproductive Medicine to view Donor Embryo Profiles.  Visit our Patient Portal to complete new patient registration and request an appointment.

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