Known Donor Egg Cost Index (Non-Insurance)

Administrative Fee
Donor Consult/Exam
Recipient Consult/Exam
FDA Labs
Recipient Monitoring Visit
Sono-HSG/Trial Transfer
Nurse Consult
Donor IVF Medications, Hormone levels,
Monitoring Visits
Recipient mid-cycle visit
Recipients Thaw, Transfer
Assisted Hatching
Embryo Cryopreservation


The above costs does not include any stipends or health care costs to the known donor. Attorney and agency fees to create the necessary legal contracts between the intended parents and known donor will be determined by the attorney/donor agency you have selected.


Semen Analysis$125
Recipient Medications$1,000 – $2,000
Recipient HIV/Hep screening$100 – $400
Psychological examPaid directly to third party provider
Cryopreservation$750 (includes 2 years of storage)
Male Genetic testingPaid directly to third party provider – if required by physician

Pregnancy blood work and pregnancy ultrasounds are not included 

There will be an annual storage fee per cycle group of embryos after 2 year of $400.00

All fees subject to change without notice.
Please contact the Office Manager to ask if prices have changed prior to your IVF start date.

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