IVF Guarantee (Shared Risk Program) Cost Index

FRESH IVF CYCLE MONITORING (Up to three total cycles)

Office visits and ultrasounds
Hormonal testing

FRESH IVF RETRIEVAL/TRANSFER (Up to three total cycles)


MEDICATIONS (Paid directly to pharmacy) $2600 – 5000 (per cycle)

CRYOPRESERVED EMBRYO TRANSFER (Up to three total cycles)

Office visits and ultrasounds
Hormonal testing
Embryo thaw and transfer


Medication need varies between patients given differing factors of age, weight, prior history, and other variables.

The estimate listed is for informational purposes.

ANESTHESIA $450 (per cycle)


Annual cryopreservation storage fee $750 (if necessary, beginning 15 months after conclusion of 1st IVF cycle)
Sperm retrieval (MESA/TESA)$3300 (per sperm retrieval)

Pregnancy blood work and pregnancy ultrasounds are not included 

Payment is due on your first cycle IVF start date.  To participate in this plan, you must meet entry qualifications and not have health insurance coverage for IVF services.  If a patient qualifies for the program, they are allowed up to three fresh IVF cycles as well as all cryo IVF cycles related to their fresh IVF cycles for a cost of $19,800.  All frozen embryos resulting from a fresh cycle need to be used prior to starting a new fresh cycle.  If the patient achieves a pregnancy, and successfully passes twenty weeks of gestation prior to completing their third fresh cycle, the plan will be considered completed.  If the couple does not become pregnant and successfully pass twenty weeks of gestation after three fresh IVF transfers, as well as the transfer of all their cryopreserved embryos, they will be refunded 70% of their $19,800 program fee.

If no sperm, inadequate numbers of sperm, or very poor quality sperm are obtained, the couple must be willing to use donor semen.  If the couple is considering epididymal or testicular sperm extraction, the male partner must have normal hormone levels, and possibly genetic testing.  If no sperm or poor quality sperm are obtained upon epididymal or testicular extraction, the couple must be willing to use donor sperm to fertilize the retrieved eggs.  The male evaluation and extraction procedure are not included in the IVF Guarantee Program charge, and will be performed, if necessary, at an additional cost.

All fees subject to change without notice.
Please contact the Office Manager to ask if prices have changed prior to your IVF start date.

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