Gender Selection Cost Index – Sperm Separation

Description of serviceQuantity of embryosPrice
24 microarray1-2 embryos$450
3-4 embryos$750
5-6 embryos$1,150
7-8 embryos$1,495
Each additional embryo$180
Embryo biopsy$3,000
Embryology lab/thaw$500
F.I.R.M. day 13 visit: ultrasound, E2, P4$431

* Note:  Fees are NOT refundable due to the cost of preparation for a PGS case.  

*All fees subject to change without notice. Please contact the office manager to ask if prices have changed prior to your IVF start date.

By signing below, I acknowledge my understanding that I will receive a separate bill from the lab for services provided by F.I.R.M. 

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As a little girl, I had always dreamt of being a mother.  My husband and I tried to conceive for months and with no success we decided to seek help at The Florida Institute for Reproductive Medicine.  We met with Dr. Winslow and, at our first visit, he diagnosed me with polycystic ovarian syndrome.  He […]

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