Flexible IVF Program (Non-Insurance)

FRESH IVF CYCLE MONITORING (Up to three own-egg cycles, or one own-egg and one cryopreserved donor oocyte)

Office visits and ultrasounds
Hormonal testing

FRESH IVF RETRIEVAL/TRANSFER (Up to three own-egg cycles, or one own-egg and one cryopreserved donor oocyte)


CRYOPRESERVED EMBRYO TRANSFER (As necessary until a pregnancy occurs)

Office visits and ultrasounds
Hormonal testing
Embryo thaw and transfer

MEDICATIONS (Paid directly to pharmacy) $2600 – 5000 (per cycle)

Medication need varies between patients given differing factors of age, weight, prior history, and other variables.

The estimate listed is for informational purposes.


Annual cryopreservation storage fee (embryos) $750 (if necessary, beginning 15 months after conclusion of 1st IVF cycle)
Sperm retrieval (MESA/TESA) $3300 (per sperm retrieval)
Next Generation Sequencing 1-2 embryos$450.00
3-4 embryos$795.00
5-6 embryos$1,150.00
7-8 embryos$1,495.00
Each additional embryo $180.00
Embryo biopsy $3,000.00
Embryology lab/thaw $500.00
F.I.R.M. day 13 visit: ultrasound, E2, P4$431.00

Pregnancy blood work and pregnancy ultrasounds are not included 

Total payment is due on your first cycle IVF start date.  If, for medical or any other reason, the patient or physician terminates the Fertility Options IVF Plan at any point prior to the conclusion of the last treatment within the plan, charges will be appropriated based on the Non-Insurance Traditional IVF Fee Schedule.  Any remaining credit balance will either be refunded or applied to a subsequent treatment.  To participate in this plan, you must not have health insurance coverage for IVF services.  All frozen embryos resulting from a fresh cycle need to be used prior to starting a new fresh cycle.  If the patient achieves a pregnancy resulting in a live birth prior to completing the third fresh own-egg IVF cycle or the cryopreserved donor oocyte  IVF cycle, the plan will be considered completed.  If a pregnancy resulting in a live birth occurs, and frozen embryos remain as a result of this treatment plan, those subsequent frozen embryo treatment cycles will be charged separately at current standard rates.  Once the first own-egg IVF cycle has started, the patient has 15 months to complete the plan.  If the patient does not utilize all treatments provided by the plan within the 15 month time period, the plan is still considered completed and no monies will be refunded.  This plan does not include a refund offer.

All fees subject to change without notice.
Please contact the Office Manager to ask if prices have changed prior to your IVF start date.

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