• Maximum of six (6) viable oocyte (egg) per cycle
  • Three (3) donor egg cycles, and all frozen embryo transfer cycles, to be accomplished within an eighteen (18) month period after starting the first donor egg IVF cycle
  • Donor screening
  • Donor medications
  • Donor cycle monitoring
  • Donor retrieval and anesthesia
  • Donor stipend
  • Embryology services, including intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) and assisted hatching, if indicated
  • Recipient treatment monitoring
  • Embryo transfer
  • Embryo cryopreservation and storage for the first seventeen (17) months after the conclusion of the first donor egg IVF cycle

The original cost of $29,500 does not include:

Testing and determination of patient eligibility into the program
Donor egg recipient medications
Epididymal/testicular sperm extraction ($3300 per procedure, if necessary)
Pre- or post- IVF anatomic, medical, and laboratory assessments, or necessary medical/surgical corrections of recipient and male partner
Storage of embryos beyond the initial 17 month period
Pre- or intra- IVF transfer surgeries
Embryo biopsy or pre-implantation genetic testing (if necessary or requested)
Embryo transfer anesthesia (if necessary)
Medical care, including ultrasounds, once pregnancy is established
Monitoring done at an outside facility
Specific recipient-requested genetic testing of egg donor
Psychological evaluation (paid directly to third party provider)

These items will be necessary for some couples and not for others. Costs for these non-included procedures will be calculated at usual F.I.R.M. rates. Medication costs will vary depending on the amount required and where they are purchased. Payment in full is required four (4) weeks prior to baseline ultrasound treatment start.

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