Three Cycle IVF Plan Cost Index

FRESH IVF CYCLE MONITORING (Up to three total cycles)

Office visits and ultrasounds
Hormonal testing

FRESH IVF RETRIEVAL/TRANSFER (Up to three total cycles)


CRYOPRESERVED EMBRYO TRANSFER (Up to three total cycles)

Office visits and ultrasounds
Hormonal testing
Embryo thaw and transfer

MEDICATIONS (Paid directly to pharmacy – not included)$2600 –5000 (per cycle)

Medication need varies between patients given differing factors of age, weight, prior history, and other variables.
The estimate listed is for informational purposes.

Cryopreservation fee embryos$750 (if necessary, beginning 15 months after conclusion of 1st IVF cycle)
Sperm retrieval (MESA/TESA) $3300 (per sperm retrieval)
Next Generation Sequencing 1-2 embryos$450.00
3-4 embryos$795.00
5-6 embryos$1,150.00
7-8 embryos$1,495.00
Each additional embryo $180.00
Embryo biopsy $3,000.00
Embryology lab/thaw $500.00
F.I.R.M. day 13 visit: ultrasound, E2, P4$431.00

Pregnancy blood work and pregnancy ultrasounds are not included 

Payment is due on your first cycle IVF start date.  If, for medical reasons (e.g. poor stimulation/prognosis), the patient and physician mutually agree to terminate the Three Cycle IVF Plan prior to initiation of the third fresh IVF cycle, charges will be appropriated based on the Non-Insurance Traditional IVF Fee Schedule.  Any remaining credit balance will be applied to subsequent treatment, such as Donor Egg IVF.  To participate in this plan, you must not have health insurance coverage for IVF services.  All frozen embryos resulting from a fresh cycle need to be used prior to starting a new fresh cycle.  If the patient achieves a pregnancy resulting in a live birth prior to completing their third fresh cycle, the plan will be considered completed.  This plan does not include a refund offer.

All fees subject to change without notice.
Please contact the Office Manager to ask if prices have changed prior to your IVF start date.

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