We appreciate and support our Active Military, Police, Fire, and Teachers with discounted IVF treatments for Cycle Monitoring and Retrieval/Transfer in Jacksonville, FL

CYCLE MONITORING – (Based on an average of 5 visits):  
Office Visit 
Follicular E2 


Total Estimated F.I.R.M. Charges


MEDICATIONS (Paid directly to pharmacy)

$2,500 – 6,000

Medication need varies between patients given differing factors of age, weight, prior history, and other variables.
The estimate listed is for informational purposes.

Assist hatching over age 35:$750
ICSI, if done:$800
Cryopreservation fee:$750 (includes 2 years storage)

Pregnancy blood work and pregnancy ultrasounds are not included.
There will be an annual storage fee per cycle group of embryos after initial 2 years of $ 400.00.

All fees subject to change without notice.

Please contact the Office Manager to ask if prices have changed prior to your IVF start date.

friends of F.I.R.M.

The Florida Institute for Reproductive Medicine has infertility specialists in Florida and Georgia who have treated infertility patients like Corrie. Our staff understands the challenges of getting pregnant and the stress it puts on your family. “You get spoiled at the FIRM.” To schedule an appointment, call 800-556-5620 or visit www.fertilityjacksonville.com.

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