Coronavirus FIRM Fertility Care Information

F.I.R.M. continues to provide comprehensive infertility care, including intrauterine inseminations, IVF, or cryo IVF transfers. F.I.R.M. believes couples need to make their own treatment decisions.

  • If you are feeling sick or have been in a high risk environment (people or place) – DON’T come to the office; cancel your appointment
  • If you have started your IVF cycle and are cancelled because of illness, F.I.R.M. will duplicate your care at no charge. We will work with the pharmaceutical companies to try and get medications replaced but cannot guarantee this.
  • F.I.R.M. maintains the strictest sanitary conditions at all of our offices and labs.  
  • When coming to the office for treatment, please come alone unless your partner is required to give a specimen. In the waiting area, please keep a social distance of at least six feet.
  • We will continue to update you on our website and Facebook page. We encourage you to check these once a week.

friends of F.I.R.M.

Dear Dr. Winslow, Dr. Freeman, Dr. Duffy, and the staff at Baptist South and Baptist Downtown, Mike and I would like to extend our sincerest gratitude for your knowledge, guidance, patience, and care over the past year. Being told that you are not able to conceive a child on your own is devastating, especially when […]

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