For more than 20 years, the Florida Institute for Reproductive Medicine has provided patients from around the world with a highly successful donor egg program. Our program helps women who are unable to utilize their own eggs to achieve the dream of having a family. We have on average 40-45 anonymous egg donors with various ethnic backgrounds. Our program is responsible for 65% of live births from Donor Egg IVF among Jacksonville IVF clinics over the last 10 years / Official CDC statistics.

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Who is eligible to be an egg donor recipient:

In general, any woman with a medical or genetic indication for using an egg donor can be a recipient. Our physicians will carefully evaluate your unique situation.

Each donor egg recipient is provided with personal information about the donors, including height, weight, hair and eye color, blood type, educational status, and ethnic background; however, the donor’s identity will remain anonymous.

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Who is eligible to be an egg donor:

Egg donors must be between the ages of 21 and 30, with no medical problems. Prospective donors are rigorously screened, including infectious disease testing, physical exams, drug screening, and psychological evaluations. Our egg donors are primarily recruited from local college campuses and communities within our area.

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