A life filled with “Firsts”

As a patient with PCOS, the dream of having a child may sometimes seem out of reach.  But with the help of Dr. Winslow and staff, that dream often becomes a reality.

With the care, support and guidance given to me by all of those who helped me along this emotional journey, I am able to sit and write this letter of sincere gratitude as a proud “Graduate” of the F.I.R.M.!

Dr. Winslow not only put my dreams within reach, he gave me a life filled with First smiles, First words, and First steps!  But more important than all of these “Firsts” . . . he gave me a Family!  And for that, I am, and alwys will be eternally grateful to Dr. Winslow.

Sincerely,  The Howards

friends of F.I.R.M.

We just had our last appointment with Dr. Winslow and I cried like a baby! We can’t say enough great things about Dr. Winslow and the entire staff at FIRM! From day 1 we felt more than just patients; we felt like part of a family. Dr. Winslow takes the time to answer any random […]

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