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Monthly Archives: October 2015

Michael and Stephanie Testimonial

Dear Dr. Winslow, Dr. Freeman, Dr. Duffy, and the staff at Baptist South and Baptist Downtown,

Mike and I would like to extend our sincerest gratitude for your knowledge, guidance, patience, and care over the past year.

Being told that you are not able to conceive a child on your own is devastating, especially when a woman’s body is built to create, carry, and nurture a child. From our first meeting, that devastation was dissolved as you all helped put together the pieces of how we could make this happen. In our first pregnancy following our successful round of IVF, we were incredibly grateful.

However, following the loss of our son to an incompetent cervix, we didn’t think we could do this again. From our first call notifying the office of our loss, you felt our pain and shared in our broken hearts. But you never stopped believing we could do this again. From each appointment going forward, each blood draw, ultrasound, you never gave up. Once implanted, my hormone levels weren’t growing at the desired rate. On the due date (original) of our son, we received a call saying to prepare for a miscarriage, but none of you would give up hope. Two days later, we had growth. And 2 more days we had nearly triple growth. Thanks to you all.

As we move forward in this pregnancy, we thank God and our lucky stars for granting you all the ability to provide us our dream of our family. We hope in May 2016, we will come visit with our new addition in his/her
“I heart FIRM” onesie.

With extreme gratitude,
Michael and Stephanie

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