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Our Nurses

Florida Institute for Reproductive Medicine boasts a staff of ten nurses who average eight years of reproductive medicine care experience.  Our nurses are knowledgeable and compassionate.  When a couple goes through IVF they are assigned a nurse who will go through IVF teaching, that nurse will be available throughout treatment to answer questions and provide emotional support.  Being able to put a name and a face together provides that extra high-touch component we feel is so important.  We want our patients to feel they can call their physician or nurse at any time and get their questions answered.  Our nurses have individual interests and specialties:  including a nurse who focuses on donor egg, gestational surrogacy and donor embryo, a nurse who focuses on IVF with preembryo genetic diagnosis, as well as cryo egg IVF, and other nurses who assist on IVF retrievals and transfers.  Our nurses are the glue that keep the infertility team together and provides that extra measure of TLC.