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IVF Program Options

Natural Cycle IVF

This is the original and most common way people utilize IVF. In it, typical drug dosing to stimulate the ovaries is used; followed by egg retrieval, egg fertilization, embryo transfer and freezing of any additional remaining embryos not transferred. For younger women with a good probability of success and the desire of future frozen embryo use, this is generally the preferred plan to use. However, anyone may participate in this plan if they wish. Specialized micromanipulative embryology services (ICSI & assisted hatching), and future frozen embryo cycles are not included in the cost and are billed separately. There is no refund associated with this program, but discounts are given for future cycles if pregnancy does not result and another fresh IVF cycle is performed.  Click here for pricing information for Single Cycle IVF

Cryopreserved IVF Cycle

Cyropreserved embryos are thawed and transferred in an estrogen/progesterone prepared cycle.  There is no refund associated with this program.  Click here for pricing information for Cryopreserved IVF Cycle

Minimal Stimulation IVF Cycle

This is essentially the same as traditional single cycle IVF with the exception that a less intense drug regimen is used, resulting in lower quantity egg development.  Because of this, drug costs and monitoring costs are lower than traditional IVF.  Egg retrieval, fertilization, and embryo transfer are performed as in any IVF cycle.  However, excess embryos may not be available for freezing given the lower number of eggs produced.  This plan is ideally suited for those women who do not intend to have embryo freezing performed (e.g. only desire one more child, ethically opposed to embryo freezing), or will likely only have a few eggs develop whether they use minimal or high-dose drug stimulation (women with poor ovarian/egg reserve).  However, anyone may participate in this plan if they wish.  Click here for pricing information for Minimal Stimulation IVF Cycle

Three Cycle IVF Program

This program allows for up to three fresh IVF cycles, with all micromanipulative embryology services (ICSI & assisted hatching, if necessary), and frozen embryo attempts included within a 16 month time period.  Since three IVF cycles are being purchased simultaneously in advance, it is heavily discounted.  This program makes sense for a woman with a lower than optimal probability of success with one IVF attempt, and therefore will likely require several IVF attempts in order to obtain the highest success rate.  However, anyone may participate in this plan if they wish.  There are no refunds associated with this program, whether pregnancy occurs before three fresh cycles are used, or does not occur after three fresh cycles are completed.  Click here for further information and pricing for the Three Cycle IVF Program

Flexible IVF Program

The Fertility Options IVF Plan is designed for patients who are considering own-egg or donor-egg treatment options.  It provides for greater flexibility when utilizing their financial resources.  It includes either three pre-paid cycles of own-egg IVF, or one cycle of own-egg IVF followed by one cycle of split donor-egg IVF.  Whether to proceed with further own-egg IVF cycles or the split donor-egg IVF cycle is made after the first own-egg IVF cycle, if pregnancy does not result after use of all the embryos produced by that first own-egg IVF cycle.  Click here for further information and pricing for the Flexible IVF Program

IVF Guarantee Program

This package allows for up to three fresh IVF cycles, with all micromanipulative embryology services (ICSI & assisted hatching, if necessary), and frozen embryo attempts included within a 16 month time period. Anesthesia charges are not included or refundable and are billed separately per cycle performed.  If pregnancy progressing to 20 weeks gestation does not occur after completing all three fresh IVF cycles and associated frozen embryo transfers, then 70% of our fee will be refunded.  Please note, not all patients will qualify for this program, and inclusion/exclusion criteria must be met before acceptance into the program.  This program works well for those women wanting to know they will have the financial ability to pursue other family building measures such as donor egg or embryo adoption, if they do not become pregnant through the use of IVF with their own eggs.  Click here for further information and pricing for the IVF Guarantee Program

This information is intended to be a summary comparison between the different IVF options we offer.  If you have any questions or desire further information, please see the individual cost sheets regarding each program, or contact our office.

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