Donor Embryo IVF Cycle Pricing

Donor Embryo IVF Cycle Fee Schedule (non-insurance)

Monitoring Charges

Total Charges

Administrative processing $800
Current year cryopreservation (storage) $400
Cryo cycle monitoring:
Office visit $85
Ultrasound $250
Hormonal Testing $96
TOTAL $1,631


Total Charges

Embryology $1,250
Transfer $500
Half-time hormonal lab testing $96
TOTAL $1,846



RECIPIENT MEDICATIONS UNTIL PREGNANCY TEST (Paid directly to pharmacy) Approximately $560-$1500
Insurance companies vary as to whether they cover medications after a positive pregnancy test
There will be an annual storage fee per cycle group of embryos after 2 years of $400.00

Potential Additional Fees

Total Charges

Donor screening lab tests, if requested by recipient $2,000
Psychologic screening, recipient, if requested $350
Pregnancy Assessment $158(if not covered by insurance)

All fees subject to change without notice.


Please contact the Office Manager to ask if prices have changed prior to your IVF start date.