About F.I.R.M.

Drs. Winslow, Duffy, Freeman, and McCoy at the Florida Institute for Reproductive Medicine operate under the philosophy of treating others the way they would like to be treated – a credo that offers personal care at affordable rates in the most convenient way possible. By focusing on the “3 C’s” (care, cost, and convenience) the Florida Institute for Reproductive Medicine has become the largest provider of infertility care in North Florida/South Georgia for the last 21 years. Our pregnancy rates have consistently been among the highest in the Nation. In 2011 the Florida Institute for Reproductive Medicine was designated as a “Center of Excellence” by United Health Care because of its high pregnancy rates and low multiple birth rate. We are the preferred provider for the Mayo Clinic Jacksonville. Our program has been featured in People, Self, Pink, Conceive, Child, and Woman magazine as well as on NBC, CBS, BBC News, and the Today Show.


Our four board certified reproductive medicine subspecialists all have areas of special interests and expertise. Together they function as a team to provide the highest level of care. Our doctors have all received “Best Doctor” and “Compassionate Care Giver” awards. Our infertility nurses average over seven years of infertility care experience. We have a team of four embryologists/andrologists. Our embryology and andrology labs are headed by a doctoral level embryologist/andrologist, Dr. Yang. Dr. Yang has over 25 years of experience. He holds the distinction of highly complex lab director. Dr. Yang is known internationally as one of the pioneers in the area of intracytoplasmic sperm injection as well as egg freezing. The Florida Institute for Reproductive Medicine offers a full range of infertility care services. Our IVF program, the largest in North Florida/South Georgia, is responsible for over 4,000 IVF babies born. We have the largest donor egg IVF program in North Florida/South Georgia. Our gestational surrogate IVF program has helped over 50 couples fulfill their dreams of becoming parents. We offer a pre-embryo genetic diagnosis IVF program for couples faced with genetic disorders. We offer pre-genetic screening (PGS) IVF for women older than 40 who are high responders as well as women with recurrent pregnancy loss (greater than three miscarriages). Our fertility preservation program offers a full range of services including semen, egg, (pre)embryo, testicular and ovarian tissue cryopreservation. Our program has the distinction of having the first baby born in the world to a cancer patient who froze her eggs. We have worked for several years with Fertile Hope/Lance Armstrong Livestrong program to help cancer patients afford their cryopreservation treatment. All of our physicians are experienced in reproductive surgery. Often we work together to attain the best results. Dr. McCoy, the newest member of our team is one of the most experienced laparoscopic robotic surgeons in the country, performing difficult myomectomies, endometriosis and tubal reanastomosis surgeries as an outpatient. We have a dedicated center for our patients with polycystic ovarian syndrome who are not trying to conceive, the Center for Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. This center focuses on the comprehensive long term healthcare needs of the PCOS patient. The center includes a PCOS dietitian as well as laser/electrolysis hair removal specialist. We believe this center is the first of its kind among private practices. We have a comprehensive website and social media outlets. Knowledge is power; we endeavor to keep our patients informed on the latest advances in reproductive medicine with regular blogs. We are very transparent about our program, results and costs.


Infertility care is expensive and often is not covered by insurance. Across the country, only fifteen states have a mandate to cover infertility treatment. Florida and Georgia do not. Only a handful of larger employers offer insurance plans with infertility coverage. Clearly the major barrier for most patients is cost. Florida Institute for Reproductive Medicine has always tried to keep costs to a minimum for all services. We provide IVF at a cost of $6,500, exclusive of medications. This does not include ICSI ($800) or assisted hatching ($700) or embryo cryopreservation ($650). For qualifying individuals, we have a one-time assistance program for IVF patients who do not have any insurance coverage, whereby the Institute will furnish $2,000 worth of medications. This program is know as the F.I.R.M. Compassionate Care Program. We offer individuals in the military a 10% reduction in costs for IVF, in addition to our Compassionate Care Program – our way of saying “thank you” to those who serve to keep us safe. If a couple is not successful with their first IVF cycle, there is a $1,000 discount on their second cycle and a $2,000 discount on their third. We have several cost sharing and guarantee programs for individuals who are interested in these options. Financing for all types of infertility is available.


Our primary facility is in Jacksonville, FL where our embryology lab/andrology lab is located. We have satellite andrology labs available in Jacksonville Beach, South Jacksonville as well as Daytona. We have eight locations to see patients in the Jacksonville, Daytona, Tallahassee and South Georgia areas. This minimizes travel for our patients. Our office is open seven days a week, 365 days a year to allow infertility care when it is most convenient for you. Infertility therapy is seven days a week – inseminations, IVF retrievals and transfers have to be done on time, if they are not care is being compromised. The only time our IVF program is closed is the last two weeks of December to go over incubators and do quality assurance.

The Florida Institute for Reproductive Medicine is a center of excellence, comprised of proficient, compassionate, dedicated people. No one takes what we do for granted. Care, cost, and convenience are very important to us. We treat others the way we would like to be treated. At the Florida Institute for Reproductive Medicine it is not solely about making babies it is about providing the highest level of patient care – the babies will come, over 10,000 to date!